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Rethinking Marriage: Beyond Tradition to a Partnership of Equals


In a world where the essence of marriage is often lost in the chaos of societal expectations, it's time to recalibrate our understanding of this age-old institution. Marriage, fundamentally, is not a battlefield nor a predestined path for everyone. It is an intricate dance of companionship and mutual understanding, far removed from the traditional confines of destiny and obligation.

Companionship: The Core of Marriage

At its heart, marriage is about companionship. This encompasses a broad spectrum of aspects: sexual, financial, social, emotional, spiritual, and psychological. True companionship means walking together, not just in the easy times but also through the storms. It's about mutual support, understanding, and growing together. In a marriage devoid of this companionship, one must question the very foundation of the relationship. Are we nurturing each other's growth, or are we merely co-existing?

Procreation: A Choice, Not a Compulsion

The decision to have children is deeply personal and should be a mutual agreement between partners. Marriage should not be reduced to a means of procreation. Couples should feel empowered to make choices that best suit their life plans, whether that includes children or not. This aspect of marriage needs to be more about mutual consent and less about societal pressure.

Challenging the Spiritualization of Marriage

It's time to challenge the narrative that spiritualizes marriage to the point of trapping individuals in unhealthy situations. This perspective often gives manipulative and abusive partners a safe space to continue their toxic behavior, backed by a system that prioritizes the institution over the individuals within it. We must shift the focus from preserving the institution to nurturing the humanity within it.

Addressing the Pain Within Marriages

Many marriages are outwardly intact but internally crumbling with pain, bitterness, resentment, and unaddressed issues. This contradiction is stark against the backdrop of religious doctrines that preach love, selflessness, sacrifice, and commitment. How can an institution ordained for love and mutual respect also be a breeding ground for pain and suffering?

Do you think our current marriage institution should be reformed to meet our changing global reality?

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Solutions and Way Forward

1. Promoting Healthy Communication: Encourage open and honest communication between partners. This can help address issues before they escalate and foster a deeper understanding.

2. Redefining Expectations: It's crucial to redefine societal and personal expectations surrounding marriage. This includes challenging the norms around gender roles, responsibilities, and the idea of marriage as an ultimate life goal.

3. Support Systems: Strengthening support systems, including counseling and community support, can provide a safe space for individuals in troubled marriages to seek help and guidance.

4. Empowering Individuality: Encourage individuals to maintain their identity and personal growth within the marriage. This helps prevent the loss of self that can occur in conforming to marital roles.

5. Addressing Toxicity: There needs to be a stronger stance against abusive and manipulative behavior in marriages. This includes challenging cultural and religious narratives that enable such behavior.


Marriage, as an institution, should evolve to reflect the values of equality, mutual respect, and true companionship. It's time to move beyond the archaic notions and create a more humane, understanding, and flexible understanding of what it means to share a life with someone. Let's redefine marriage, not as a destination or a battlefield, but as a journey of shared growth, understanding, and love.

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