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All You Need To Know

  • Why are all your sessions online and not in a physical location?
    The decision to pivot entirely to online sessions at PG Sebastian Coaching wasn't made lightly; it was a response to a constellation of factors that affect the quality and accessibility of our services. Here's a closer look at the dynamics that guided our choice: Traffic and Timing Challenges: One of the most tangible benefits of moving to online sessions is the elimination of the stress associated with traffic congestion. Traditionally, the unpredictability of traffic meant that clients could be delayed or miss their sessions entirely, detracting from the valuable time meant for personal growth. This was particularly challenging for clients traveling from afar, where the time spent in transit could significantly exceed the duration of the counseling session itself. The Financial and Emotional Cost of Commuting: Beyond the time lost to traffic, there's also the financial burden of transportation or fuel costs for our clients. These expenses, while seemingly peripheral, can add up and impact the overall accessibility of therapy. Moreover, the stress of commuting, especially after a long day, can affect a client's emotional state, potentially influencing the efficacy of the session. Evening Sessions and Safety Concerns: Our commitment to accommodating the schedules of our clients led us to offer sessions in the evenings. However, this timing introduces concerns about safety and convenience, particularly for those who might have to travel late at night. Safety, both physical and psychological, is paramount in therapy, and the potential stress of commuting at night could hinder the therapeutic process. Accessibility and Inclusivity: The shift to online sessions has dramatically broadened the horizons of who can access our services. Clients who are non-residents, living outside Ghana, or those who simply live a considerable distance from our physical location, now have the same opportunity for personal development as local clients. This inclusivity aligns with our mission to provide supportive, transformative coaching without borders. Privacy, Comfort, and Flexibility: Online sessions offer a level of privacy and comfort that can be challenging to replicate in a physical office setting, especially for individuals in the public eye or those who prioritize discretion. Being in one's own space can foster a sense of security and openness essential for effective therapy. Additionally, the flexibility of connecting from anywhere allows clients to more easily integrate their counseling sessions into their busy lives, making consistent engagement in their personal growth journey more feasible. In summary, our move to exclusively online sessions is rooted in our dedication to providing accessible, efficient, and safe coaching services. This approach not only addresses logistical challenges but also embraces the advantages of modern technology to foster a supportive, inclusive environment for all our clients, wherever they may be. By eliminating barriers such as time, distance, and the associated costs of in-person meetings, we're committed to ensuring that your journey towards personal and relational fulfillment is as smooth and effective as possible.
  • What services does PG Sebastian Coaching offer and what are your working hours
    At PG Sebastian Coaching, we're passionate about nurturing relationships at every stage. Whether you're looking to strengthen your bond, navigate the complexities of marriage, or find your footing after a relationship ends, we've got you covered. Our services include Relationship Coaching, Premarital and Post-Marital Counseling, Divorce Therapy, and a suite of thematic services tailored to your unique journey, Your convenience comes first: We're here for you from 6pm to 9pm GMT on weekdays and a bit longer on weekends, from 10am to 8pm. It's all about making meaningful progress, even in the midst of a busy life.
  • How do we meet for sessions and how long does a package last?
    Seamlessly online: Embrace the comfort and privacy of your own space with our Zoom sessions. This format not only breaks down geographical barriers but also ensures that we can connect with you, no matter where you are in the world, without the hassle of traffic or time constraints. Flexibility is key: Life's unpredictable, and we get that. Our packages are valid from 3 to 12 months, giving you the freedom to navigate your coaching journey at a pace that feels right for you.
  • How long does a counseling session last, and what's the investment?
    Let's break it down, Each heartfelt session is 60 minutes of focused, transformative time, costing GHC600.00. If your concerns require a bit more depth, consider our bundle packages It's an investment in your happiness and well-being. A pack of three sessions: for GHC1300 A pack of four sessions: for GHC1, 600.00 A pack of eight sessions: for GHC3,000.00 A pack of twelve sessions: for GHC4,000.00 A pack of twenty sessions: for GHC6,000.00. This package also gives you exclusive access to your counselor on WhatsApp 24/7 aside the actual sessions.
  • Could you tell me more about the divorce therapy service?
    Navigating with care: Facing the possibility of divorce is challenging, but you're not alone. Our 15-session divorce therapy is designed to thoughtfully assess where you stand, explore the best path forward, and support you through the transition, minimizing drama and empowering you for what comes next. It's about emerging stronger and more self-aware on the other side.
  • I'm intrigued by the Thematic Services and Customized Coaching Plans. How are they priced?
    Oh you will love them, Here's the scoop: Each thematic service is as unique as your relationship, with prices to match. From mastering communication to reigniting intimacy, we tailor our support to your specific needs. Everest Plan (GH₵6,000.00): 20 sessions per annum. Flexible session times. Free access to all paid speaking engagements. Free inclusion in paid webinars. Free calls on all sessions 24/7 Access to your counsellor through WhatsApp Chat aside from the standard sessions. Amazonia Plan (GH₵4,000.00): 12 sessions per annum. Flexible session times. Free access to all paid speaking engagements. Free inclusion in paid webinars. Free calls on all sessions. Kalahari Plan (GH₵3,000.00): 8 sessions per annum. Flexible session times. Free access to any paid speaking engagement. Free inclusion in paid webinars Alps Plan (GH₵1,600): 4 sessions per annum. Flexible session times. Inclusion in all paid webinars Premarital Counseling (GH₵3,000): 15 sessions totaling 15 hours of contact time. Personality test. Multiple locations join in for couples in different locations. Free marriage resources. Free post-marital counseling (one hour). 25% discount on all post-marital counseling needs (5 years) Divorce Therapy (GH₵3,500): 15 sessions. Free personality test. Free participation in paid webinars. Free relationship coaching (2 sessions) post-divorce. Post-divorce coping resources. 30% discount on package extension. 35% discount on post-marital counseling, after remarrying. Relationship Coaching (GH₵2,500.00): 6 sessions totaling 5 hours of contact time. Multiple locations join in for couples in different locations. Flexible contact hours. Free participation in all paid webinars. 30% discount on package extension. 25% discount on pre-marital counseling ABC Of Temperaments (GH₵2,000.00): Understanding the various temperaments. Understanding the strengths & weaknesses of each temperament. Understanding your temperament & your relationship outcomes. Your temperament and your communication skills. Connecting your temperament & your behavioral traits. 5 sessions Communication (GH₵2,500.00): Nature - Understanding your differences as unique beings. Nurture - Understanding your different socializations. Understanding the types of communication in marriage. Understanding the nuances in communication. Understanding barriers to effective communication. Conflict management - Talking it out. Conflict management - Fighting fair. Minimizing conflict in marriages/relationships Long-Distance Marriages (GH₵3,000.00): Dynamics around long-distance relationships/marriages. Understanding the discontinuities in LDR/M. Substitute spouses - Types and evolution. Motivation: Why do we create substitute partners. How to prevent the creation of substitute partners. Protecting your long-distance relationship/marriage In-Law Relationships (GH₵2,200): Overview of the concept of in-laws in modern marriages. Understanding the causes of in-law- spousal conflicts. Managing your relationship with your in-laws. Playing your part as an in-law Starting A Family (GH₵3,000.00): Understanding the principles of leaving and cleaving. Making the transition from I and me, to we and us. Stages of marriage. Pregnancy and the journey to childbirth. Managing childlessness and children with special needs. Finding the balance between children, romance, and support. Staying with in-laws. Family finances Intimacy In Marriage (GH₵2,200): Understanding the position of sex in marriage. Cultural taboos and sexuality in the 21st century. Conflict around sex. Sex is as good as your interpersonal relationship. Spicing up your sex life. Text-Based Counseling Service (GH₵50): Complete a one-off questionnaire and receive personalized analysis and guidance straight to your email. A one-off follow-up question and a free response. All responses are available within 48 hours. Discounted fee if you book any future session. Targeted, specific to your needs, and financially flexible. Confidential, anonymous, anytime, anyway Each of these plans offers a unique set of services and benefits, designed to cater to a variety of relationship needs and challenges. You can find more details and book these services directly on the PG Sebastian website. Visit for more
  • What are your Cancellation and Refund Policies
    Refund Policy Thank you for choosing our services. We value and appreciate your business. In the unfortunate event that you need to cancel a service you've purchased, our cancellation and refund policy is detailed below: Single (One Off) Session Full Refund (100%): If a service is canceled within 12 hours after the payment has been made, and you do not wish to continue with the service, the entire amount will be refunded to you. 80% Refund: If a service is canceled 12 or more hours after the payment is made and you have no intention of continuing with the service, 80% of the paid amount will be refunded to you. 50% Refund: If a service is canceled between 12 to 6 hours before the scheduled time and you do not wish to continue with the service, 50% of the paid amount will be refunded to you. No Refund: Cancellations made within 6 hours before the scheduled time will not be eligible for a refund. However, should you wish to reschedule the session, we would require a notification from you at least 2 hours before the original scheduled time. If we do not receive this notice in the stipulated time, rescheduling will not be an option. Packages of Multiple Sessions: Unused Sessions: If you purchase a package of multiple sessions and choose to cancel without using any of the sessions: If the cancellation falls within the timelines that warrant a reduced refund (e.g., 80% or 50%), the percentage reduction will be applied not to the entire package amount, but to the cost of a single session. After determining the refund for the first session using this method, the remainder of the package amount (excluding the cost of the first session) will be added to this refund amount. For example, if a package is worth GHC1,000 and cancellation merits an 80% refund, and the cost of one session is GHC100, then GHC80 (which is 80% of GHC100) will be refunded for the first session, and the remaining amount for the rest of the sessions will be added to this refund. In this Case you will receive GHC980. Partially Used Packages Refund Policy: When you commence sessions as part of a package and later decide to discontinue, our refund calculation is specifically tailored to ensure fairness and clarity. In the event of a partial usage of a session package, the refund will be calculated based on the standard cost per session, not by dividing the total package cost. Here’s how it works: 1. Standard Cost Per Session: Each session used is charged at our standard individual session rate, which is typically higher than the average cost per session when purchased as part of a package. Calculating the Refund: First, we determine the total cost of the sessions you have used by multiplying the number of sessions used by the standard cost per session. We then deduct this amount from the total package cost to calculate your refund. For example, if you purchased an 8-session package for GHC2,000, the average cost per session in the package is GHC250. However, if you use any sessions, we charge these at the standard rate of GHC400 per session. Suppose you use 3 sessions; we calculate the cost of these sessions as 3 x GHC400 = GHC1,200. Your refund is then the total package cost minus the cost of the used sessions, i.e., GHC2,000 - GHC1,200 = GHC800. This method ensures that the refund you receive is equitable, reflecting the actual value of the services provided, rather than a simple division of the package cost. Cancellations Initiated by Us: If, for any reason, we have to cancel a service you've purchased and decide not to continue working with you, we will inform you immediately and ensure a full refund of the amount you paid. Please note that all refunds will be processed through the original mode of payment. We recommend our clients to thoroughly read and understand this policy before purchasing any of our services. If you have any queries or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to our customer service team.
  • Are there any packages available for multiple sessions?
    Absolutely, and here's how: We understand that the path to relationship fulfillment can be a journey. That's why we offer specially curated bundles—ranging from three to twenty sessions—with savings that grow with your commitment. Our most inclusive package even offers round-the-clock access to your counselor, ensuring you're supported every step of the way.
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