What People Are Saying About Our Services


PG helped me see the importance of taking care of myself in order to offer my best to my partner. He creates a safe space that allows you to open up. I'm so so grateful I came across this service! Gracias PG!

Image by Beth Tate


I will recommend PG anytime. I have not lived  much in Ghana, so I needed that help in understanding my woman who was born and raised in Ghana.  He was recommended to me by my sister who follows him. He really averted a collapse of my marriage.  


After my Divorce, I was  ashamed, lost my self confidence and felt a failure. Because of PG, I am now out and about . Now dating, and he has become my friend.  PG gye wo two wate. 


Since 2016, I have no regrets working with PG. He will lay all the cards on the table and help you make the best choice out of several options. You can tell him anything you can’t say to anyone else and you will not be judged. I totally trust him with my secrets without apology.