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Chris Attoh's Late Wife Had Twins

Nearly a week after Bettie Jenifer, wife of actor Chris Attoh, was gunned down, it has emerged that she was the mother of twins.

She had twins – a boy and a girl – with her first husband Kendrick Jenifer, who is currently serving a 20-year jail sentence.


Bettie Jenifer was shot dead by an unidentified man last Friday while leaving her office in Maryland in the US after work. Bettie was shot multiple times by a man; police say was black, while she walked to her car at the parking lot of her office at 6300 Block of Ivy Lane around 5 pm.

Police declared her dead on the scene.

The police are still on a hunt for the suspect, believed to have used a handgun and fled the scene in a blue vehicle after the incident.They described the suspect as “a black male with a thick build and black hair, wearing a dark shirt and pants.”

Police later revealed that Bettie Jenifer was married to two different men simultaneously, Chris Attoh and Kedrick Jenifer, a convicted Baltimore drug lord. 

Kendrick Jenifer is serving the 20-year prison sentence for importing large amounts of cocaine into Baltimore from Texas

Now photos of Bettie Jenifer together with Kedrick Jenifer and their twins have surfaced online. The photos of the family were shared by a woman believed to be Bettie’s sister in 2009.

Chris Attoh and Bettie Jenifer got married in October 2018, in Accra.

Chris Attoh married again after his first marriage to Nigerian actress, Damilola Adegbite, with whom he has a son, crashed in 2017.






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