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15 Signs He Absolutely Doesn't Care About You

Many women grapple with this existential question, when it comes to the guys they are hoping to have a thing going on with, "Does he like me?" This is a question any woman may ask concerning a guy they just bumped into, a colleague at work or an old friend...someone who is beginning to act in ways that send conflicting signals. It could also be it is the lady who is beginning to have feelings for this guy, and she wants to be sure if the feeling is mutual

This is not a simple question to answer, since each circumstance surrounding an acquaintance or a date is different. It is further compounded when human emotions, perceptions, judgment or misjudgment come in. Sometimes, what we may construe as an act or series of actions that depict love, may not be what is intended.

Regardless of the possibility for misjudgment, there are some key indicators ladies need to look out for to serve as a guide in determining if a guy they are into likes them or not.

Let us look at a few of them.

  1. A guy who does not like you will only offer you help when absolutely necessary and is convenient to him. He will not break his back to help you. When a guy like you, he sacrifice a great deal of his resources for you.

  2. In the period that you two have been talking, you are the one who always calls. If you don't call or send that text, you can go for a whole day or two in silence. A guy who is crazy about you is constantly staying in touch. This one does not seem to like you.

  3. A guy who is not into you doesn't seem to feel your absence. If you visit, it is fine, If you don't, he has his life to live. If you promise to visit and you call it off, it is fine. If they will be upset, it is not because they are missing you, but because they probably canceled something in order to receive you. They do not force to be in your space or have you in theirs.

  4. If he is not that into you, he would not care about your whereabouts. He would most likely not ask about your day, how it went, who you were with, and whether the day was good to you or not.

  5. A guy who is not interested in you would keep their interest in you shallow, basic and with the rudimentary details. They do not dig into your social life to know who your friends are, and what you do for leisure or recreation. Even when they ask, or you tell them, it is not a conversation that would be stored in their long term memory Such a person most like likely might not be interested in your family or want to meet them.

  6. If he avoids being with or around you in public places, and at social functions, that is him saying I don't want to be seen with you. It could be because they have commitments elsewhere, or you are not the kind of lady they want to be seen with. Whichever way you look at it, they are not that much into you.

  7. A guy who doesn't like you, does not like or seem interested in things you do or things that matter to you. They are either aloft, critical or simply halfhearted in their commitment to those things.

  8. Has he been telling you gleefully about his sexual life and his relationships with other women, and sometimes asks for advice? He is not into you. If he was into you, he would tell you he is single even when you know otherwise.

  9. There is never a dull moment with a guy who is into you. He will not be in his phone, he will not let you always be the conversation starter, and he will not let you feel bored. I know some guys generally don't talk much, or don't have much to say, but if the dude has been on his phone for ages since you visited, smiling, giggling and feeling cool with everyone on his phone but you, who is there in person, it could be a sign, it is not about him, but you.

  10. What is his jealousy level like when it comes to you and other guys? Contrary to the Maturity theory, humans are territorial with those we love. If you don't see that manifesting in jealousy, and the need to compete when he sees you with other guys, it could be that what you feel from him is not love, and he might not like you that much.

  11. A guy who like you will give you gifts. It might be a huge statement maker, or something as small as chocolate. But they will give you something. It could come on a special day or on a regular day. When they give you things they know is below what you are worth, you find the look of apology on their face as they try to tell you to give them time, or hold on for better days. They always say it subtly. If he can't be bothered, then he may not like you that much.

  12. If his life does not depend on it, He will give you excuses as to why he can’t show up. That guy right there does not like you that much.

  13. Is he needlessly blunt when he is angry with you, doing little to measure his words, and not minding that he is hurting you? He doesn't really care about you.

  14. Is he holding on to an existing relationship while he asks for time to move out and move in with you, and it seems like this has been going on for months, or even years? That is a classic example of someone who is in your life for what they will get, and not for the love they have for you.

  15. A guy who is not into you, would not allow you go deeper into his life. You might never know where he stays or works, meet any significant friend or relative, and he will most likely push stuff about them to you on a need-to-know basis

These 15 signs are not cast in stone, and you might not find them all in one person. You might also find some in a person you know for a fact loves you, because you two have other aspects of your relationship that make up for their inabilities. Remember this is just a guide. As you sit back and reflect, you might find some similarities in your own relationship, or a previous relationship that suffered an Epic fail.

Whatever the issue is, if a guy is not into you, don't make him. It would only make the inevitable dumping a lot more harder.

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