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Healthy Communication

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Truth &Honesty

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Listening Ear

A Note To The Lady Going Somewhere

My Dear Lady, 

This is just a quick one to bring your attention to something I believe you need to know. Please, if you find yourself standing three steps up the ladder of life, be careful when you have to look down at a man standing at the bottom of the ladder. Be careful if you have to give a 'poor man' a chance in your life. Think it over again...and again. It is a decision that must not be made lightly and in the convulsive fit of a love sting. On a normal day, I woulda sipped my Cuppa Black coffee, black like my African Skin, and advised you to give him a chance; after all, no one knows anyone's destiny, and what is despised today may be exalted tomorrow. However, I will not stick my neck out for an empty man who is arrogant and proud. They are the dangerous kind. Don't get me wrong; by my reference to poverty, I am not referring to material things. A man could be poor in spirit, in his thinking, in his soul, in his choice of words, in his impression of the world around his emotional disposition... and...of course in his pocket. And a man who is this poor can be abusive, possessive, controlling and manipulative. All of these traits can be traced to insecurity and unresolved personal emotional conflicts and frustration. Again, such a man is self-conceited, stiffnecked, unrepentant, argumentative and does not accept any form of alleviating help that he finds is an affront on his person. Poor and Proud. Clearly, why would he feel secure when you are up there and you seem to be moving too fast for him to catch up. Why would he feel secure when you do not report to him, and he is not in charge of when you sneeze and when you breathe.

Be careful when you are dealing with such a man. 

Indeed, there are many predatory young men out there wearing big talks like necklaces and bandanas, brandishing dazzling impressions of themselves yet as empty as an endless hollow in a labyrinth. Find a man your size or one who is higher than you in something... It could be in his spiritual life, his power of reasoning and insight, his intellectual prowess, his emotional maturity...his love and his gentleness of spirit. If you cannot find such a man, then, by all means, look for the one with a big bank account. In the end, it all comes down to one of these two things; the one who blesses your life with inner peace and joy, or the one who blesses this same life with material things. You could have both...but do not miss both. 

Remember, women do not look down at men and men, in this part of the world, hate to look up to women. So if you have to look up to a man, then make sure he is the kind you won't have problems looking up to. If you have any sense of religion, then you know that you would be called upon to accept him as the head of the house... A head that is distorted, paranoid, confused and filled with a poor sense of judgment is a very very nasty hurricane to make a landfall in your backyard. Not all women are called to marry; yes, mama didn't tell you that, but it is what it is. And none of those 'So-called People' you fear will talk if you do not marry, will be there when this man, poor in everything, is killing you with one hastily scripted drama or the other. I would rather you cry because you are single and free (of course being single can be lonesome, and it is OK to cry a few times and...maybe...just maybe... soil your heart with a good cuppa ice cream) than be married and be in bondage. Missy, I won't advise you to cry of loneliness when you are taken by a man who cages you and isolates you from everything that means something to you. Look at him well; look at how he carries himself. You do everything for him. He thinks it is your responsibility. He thinks you have not seen his kind before. In his trying to assert his authority as the man, he abuses you. You can imagine him with a political power or a huge business deal. Do you see him reading out a million laws you must abide by? Do you see him threatening all your friends out of your life? Yea. I see it too. Choose the head of the family very carefully; a man who is rich in something, tangible or intangible. But of course, not all men are born with silver spoons, and all men don't blossom at the same time. Nonetheless, there is something that must be present before you let him in; an inner quality that can comfortably overshadow every kind of material deficiency. An inner quality that portrays a disposition for greatness. 

Girl, you are the kingmaker; your choice will affect you and your children. Do not like a penis or a big talk, influence this critical decision. Own this process so you can look back with pride at what you have together when you stand tall with your Simba tomorrow. Think deep about this and look at your options well. Don't make any excuses; It is not in your time that such men will change. In the last days, the love of many would wax cold. Guess what, we are in the last days and everyone is for him or herself. Be for yourself. This is not evangelism; and even that, we are admonished to seek our own salvation with fear and trembling. This is a lifetime decision; do not gamble with it. Sincerely,

Paa George 

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