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Seven Signs That Show He Is Absolutely Not For You

I was once speaking at an event, and when I was done speaking and it was time for questions, a lady asked me, 'PG, sometimes you find yourself in a relationship you know is not going anywhere, you just know it, but you can't walk out. What do you do?" I told her what to do. She left feeling bubbles all over, knowing someone was going to get the sack.

She knew her guy was not the one. But how many ladies actually know what to look out for to tell if a guy is The One? What do you look out for? I have seven of these signs listed here. If you find him guilty or exhibiting many of these signs, it is time you asked to alight. This ride ain't going your direction.

He Flirts With Other Women, Especially In Front Of You. Respect matters a lot, and if a guy is not showing you some while dating; when you can actually just get up and walk away, then do not expect him to show you any respect when he ties you down in marriage. If he disrespects you before others by flirting with girls, talk about it, if he doesn't listen, cut him lose; it won't stop.

No Butterflies When You See Him. Love is magical and the one you love makes you miss a heartbeat when you see him. It may not be everyday, because of other life demands and moods, but generally you are supposed to feel something when he is in sight. So if you feel nada. Zilch. Then you may not be as excited about him as is expected of a normal couple. It will become even harder in the long term for you.

You Don't Feel Comfy Around Him. That is a big bright red flag. You need to feel comfortable around the man you will be sharing the rest of your life with. You need to feel comfortable to share your thoughts, ideas, hopes and aspirations. You need to be comfortable with him to share your faults, mistakes, successes and breakthroughs. If you don't feel comfortable being completely honest and naked with him, that, right there, means you don't trust him. What business do you have then spending the rest of your life with someone you don't trust?

He Doesn't Want To Be Seen With you. Boy o boy. Who doesn't want to flaunt a good Chica? Unless you are not good enough for him? Beautiful enough?...Oooh...unless he has a couple of side gigs running concurrently with you. Well for some too, it is more subtle than that. When they break up with you and are moving on, they would not want those who know you meeting them and asking questions. That problem is solved when those around you never get to meet him. Well, I wish I can say it nicely, but I can't. He is managing his commitment towards you.

He Doesn't Want To Compromise On Anything. Girl, watch a guy who is never wrong, who never changes his views, and who is not willing to make any adjustments to accommodate you, your views, strength or weaknesses. You do not want to spend the rest of your life making all the changes, making all the compromises, always being the one to apologize and assume responsibilities. Relationships and marriages are a two way affair; if he makes it a one way, take the next exit.

He Reacts Negatively Towards Topics On Your Future Together. Anyone who is excited about your future together, wants to know how it unfolds and the part they play in it. If He changes the subject when the future comes up, becomes uneasy or tells you he feels pressured, he, right there, is not the one. Even children dream of the day they become adults. If you can't dream with him about a future that is four years away, then he is definitely not serious with you. Yes ma'am!

He Is Hostile Or Distance Towards Your Friends And Family. Friends and Family are everything. If a guy can't blend in, or he is overtly or covertly hostile towards them, girl, the family and friends do not go; he goes. What future are you going to have with such a man if you will be boxed in and have your friends and loved ones frowned upon when they show up?

There are a lot more of such signs to watch out for in deciding if he is the one. Click here and book a date and let's discuss them. Your pro-activity can save you a lot. Book now.

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