I always felt there was no chance to be good again. But when you shared your personal journey to getting to where you are now, I knew there was hope for me. I have been running with that inspiration ever since. Thank you for sharing. 


—  Farouk

Premarital Counseling 

Help Prospective Couples face three Key Questions. 

  1. Can You Marry? If No, We help them deal with the break-up. 

  2. Can You Marry? If Yes, and the Prospects are good, we help them polish up for their big day and the life ahead. 

  3. Can You Marry? If Yes, but there are thorny issues lingering, we help them deal with them, which may include postponement of the wedding.  

Relationship Coaching 

Offer Coaching Services to the following Categories Of unmarried Individual:

  1. Individuals seeking coaching in their relationships to help them make the right choices that will lead to their intended end. 

  2. Individuals dealing with one conflict or the other in their relationships and looking for solutions

  3. Individuals looking to make a decision on the way forward for a struggling relationship

  4. Singles hoping to equip themselves for any future relationships

  5. Singles trying to find solutions to patterned outcomes of past relationships  before entering a new one

Post Marital Counseling 
  • General Counseling - Non-Specific. This deals with General subjects that help Couples build better Relationships, manage thorny issues and improve their marriages.

  • Issue Based Counseling. This Deals with specific issues confronting a couple, ranging from Abuse, Infidelity, In-Law Relationship etc

General Consultations
  • Preliminary Consultation leading to full scheduled counseling, or One-Off Counseling

  • One-Off Consultation in Building a Career in Relationship Coaching

  • Professional Opinion on Content Development for Marriage Seminars and other family Related Programmes  

  • Webinars - See Webinar On Main Menu For Upcoming Events 

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