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Our divorce therapy service is a 15-session service intended to assess the status of your marriage at the time of reaching out to us (if you are contemplating divorce) so we can help you decide if the issues should lead to a divorce or if we can help.

If it has to go to divorce (or you are in the process of divorce at the time of reaching out to us), we look at how we can help you go through it without the usual drama, if possible, and how you transition into the life of a single person after the divorce. We equip you with skills to ensure you don't fall victim to predators right after divorce, get into a rebound relationship or do things that may not give you the best value after divorce.

The sessions are interactive, and customized towards your unique needs. 

A session is an hour. All sessions are via Zoom video. Our working hours are between 6pm and 9pm GMT on weekdays and 10am to 9pm weekends 


Divorce Therapy

  • Refund Policy

    Thank you for choosing our services. We value and appreciate your
    business. In the unfortunate event that you need to cancel a service
    you've purchased, our refund policy is detailed below:

    Full Refund (100%):
    If a service is canceled within 12 hours after the payment has been
    made, and you do not wish to continue with the service, the entire
    amount will be refunded to you.

    80% Refund:
    If a service is canceled 12 or more hours after the payment is made
    and you have no intention of continuing with the service, 80% of the
    paid amount will be refunded to you.

    50% Refund:
    If a service is canceled between 12 to 6 hours before the scheduled
    time and you do not wish to continue with the service, 50% of the paid
    amount will be refunded to you.

    No Refund:
    Cancellations made within 6 hours before the scheduled time will not
    be eligible for a refund.
    However, should you wish to reschedule the session, we would require a
    notification from you at least 2 hours before the original scheduled
    time. If we do not receive this notice in the stipulated time,
    rescheduling will not be an option.

    Packages of Multiple Sessions:

    Unused Sessions:
    If you purchase a package of multiple sessions and choose to cancel
    without using any of the sessions:

    If the cancellation falls within the timelines that warrant a reduced
    refund (e.g., 80% or 50%), the percentage reduction will be applied
    not to the entire package amount, but to the cost of a single session.
    After determining the refund for the first session using this method,
    the remainder of the package amount (excluding the cost of the first
    session) will be added to this refund amount. For example, if a
    package is worth GHC1,000 and cancellation merits an 80% refund, and
    the cost of one session is GHC100, then GHC80 (which is 80% of GHC100)
    will be refunded for the first session, and the remaining amount for
    the rest of the sessions will be added to this refund. In this Case
    you will receive GHC980.

    Partially Used Packages:

    If you commence the sessions in a package and decide to discontinue
    them, the refund will be calculated based on the number of remaining
    sessions. Each of these outstanding sessions will be treated as
    individual sessions for refund calculations, as detailed in the above
    policy. This ensures that you receive a fair refund for each session
    rather than a broad percentage reduction applied to the entire

    Cancellations Initiated by Us:
    If, for any reason, we have to cancel a service you've purchased and
    decide not to continue working with you, we will inform you
    immediately and ensure a full refund of the amount you paid.

    Please note that all refunds will be processed through the original
    mode of payment. We recommend our clients to thoroughly read and
    understand this policy before purchasing any of our services. If you
    have any queries or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to our
    customer service team.

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